Religion plays a central role in many areas of human life, from the individual quest for meaning and purpose to the broader arenas of social values, politics, and both conflict and cooperation among nations and groups. Our courses focus on these topics through the study of religious communities and their histories, texts, rituals, ethics, and creative literatures, as well as on religion’s influence on key social and political issues.



The major enables students to pursue the study of religion through courses on religious traditions (including especially Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and religions of Africa) sacred texts, religion and society, and theories of religion.

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After Graduation

Our alumni have been successful in pursuing graduate study and beginning careers in a variety of fields.

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Independent research

Students have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on a topic of their own interest.

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Honors theses

Recent honors topics include a comparative study of blasphemy in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, attitudes towards women’s dress in Islam, women in the theology of St. Augustine, religious and secular bases for physicians’ obligation to care for AIDS patients, scientists’ views on religion, and the religious implications of C.S. Lewis’ fantasy literature. Many students present their honors thesis work at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research.

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