• When: Thursday, April 18, 2024 – 4:10pm – 5:15pm
  • Where: Gendebien Room, Skillman Library (206)
  • Presenters: Dr. Youshaa Patel, Dr. Rachel Goshgarian, Abdul-Manan Bhat ’18
  • Price: Free
Professor Youshaa Patel will introduce his recent publication, The Muslim Difference (Yale 2022), an American Academy of Religion Book Award finalist, followed by responses from Professor Rachel Goshgarian and Abdul-Manan Bhat ’18. The book explores how Islam shaped, and was shaped by Muslim encounters with Christians, Jews, and others in the Middle East and beyond. By illuminating how Muslims across time and place chose to embody and display their religious difference from rival communities in public life, the book casts new light on contemporary debates in the West over visible expressions of Islam, from headscarves and beards to minarets and mosques.


Youshaa Patel, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Lafayette College

Rachel Goshgarian, Associate Professor of History, Lafayette College

Abdul-Manan Bhat ‘18, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

Refreshments will be provided

Sponsored by: Lafayette College Libraries and The Department of Religious Studies